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Our background

Our roots are in the Netherlands. We started as pioneers in the domain market more than 10 years ago. Initially as a specialist in advertising via expired domain names and gradually as a domainer. Over the years we got more and more specialized in purchasing and selling. Of course also still active in advertising. We have expanded our area in Europe step by step and now we are one of the leading parties. This growth has led to an average stock of 200,000 TLD names.

We are one of the largest European domainers

As domain name investors, we have more than 10 years of experience in collecting domain names and during this time we have built up a database of more than 200,000 TLD names.

Our goals

Even though we have a large number of domain names in stock, our ambition goes further. We see opportunities to grow significantly in various European countries with the ultimate goal of taking a leading position as an international domain trader.





Our name explained

A new .com domain name is a challenge, even for us as brokers. How did we come up with the name Nomio24? Of course, there should be some kind of reference in the name to what we do or what customers are looking for. From all kinds of words we came up with ‘my name’ and ‘always available’. We merged the two words and freely translated it from Latin into: nomio, supplemented with 24 (hours).

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